Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alaska's Governor ....Abuse of Power

By Alex Koppelman
Thursday, July 31, 2008 19:12 EDT

Alaska's governor being investigated, too
Sen. Ted Stevens isn't the only Alaska Republican who might be in hot water. The state's Legislative Council, a bipartisan panel made up of both state senators and state representatives, voted earlier this week to spend up to $100,000 investigating Gov. Sarah Palin's firing of the state's former public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan. The investigation will consider whether Palin sacked Monegan because he wouldn't fire Mike Wooten, a state trooper who's Palin's former brother-in-law, and whether Monegan was pressured to fire Wooten by Palin or members of her family or administration.

Wooten is currently going through a bitter divorce and custody battle with Palin's younger sister. Monegan says he did feel pressure from Palin's husband Todd, Annette Krietzer, Frank Baily and other legislative staffers. They tried to get Monegan to fire the trooper before he himself was fired on July 11. Palin replaced Monegan with Chuck Kopp, but Kopp resigned last week over revelations of a 2005 sexual harassment complaint against him.

All this comes at a bad time for Palin, especially because the investigation was brought to national attention on Thursday by the Wall Street Journal. She hasn't been discussed much as a possible running mate for John McCain recently, but her name has come up on numerous occasions, and she's been endorsed for the ticket by people like Nat Hentoff and the National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez. Bill Kristol has also said he thinks she should be McCain's pick, and predicted she would end up on the ticket -- of course, given his record as a prognosticator, that could have been the real death blow to Palin's chances.

Alaska Governor To Be Investigated ...WSJ

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- When Sarah Palin was elected governor as a Republican outsider in 2006, she didn't just take on an incumbent from her own party. She took on Alaska's Republican establishment.

Ms. Palin vowed to clean up a long-cozy political system that had been sullied by an FBI corruption investigation. She endeared herself to Alaskans by making good on her reform promises and showing homey touches, like driving herself to work. Palin get into an accident, not paying attention is my call.
Now, one of the bright new stars in the Republican Party has suddenly become tarnished. The state legislature this week voted to hire an independent investigator to see whether Ms. Palin abused her office by trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job as an Alaska state trooper.

"This is a governor who was almost impervious to error," says Hollis French, a Democratic state senator. "Now she could face impeachment/recall, in a worst-case scenario."

WARNING: This original article has been changed, the statement by Senator french and much more have been removed. The request came to the author by way of a Palinbot, lil' Jimmy Lottsfeldt. Request was granted to change the whole scope of the article. Shameful, Deceptive, Bad Journalism...

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sarah Palin, "Abuse of Power" Investigator to be retained...

Grab some popcorn, take a listen....

Gavel to Gavel; Retain Investigator in response to Sarah Palin and "Abuse of Power"

Sarah quote-

"We would never prohibit, or be less than enthusiastic about any kind of investigation. Let's deal in the facts, and you do that via investigation."

Come on' Palinista crowd let's see your enthusiasm, Princess P has issued you her edict. Check out my show on date 7/23/2008 audio documented.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News Broadcast and Commentary on Investigation of Sarah Palin

Katcha KLOO with Syrin 7/23/08 Wednesday Rant

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Independent Investigator called in.


As quickly as the scandal surrounding the firing of former Public Safety Commissioner has engulfed the Palin administration, State Senator Hollis French has emerged as the legislatures go to guy on being the lead to hire a possible independent investigator.

The 49 year old Democrat from a quiet West Anchorage district and former District Attorney who served as a prosecutor from 1996 until 2002 when he was elected to the State Senate, has both the pedigree and the respect to manage any investigation that might occur.

"I'm fairly confident at this point that what we're going to see is the appointment of an independent investigator," said French, who serves as the Senate Judiciary Chairman.

He has also made it clear that politicizing any process that is decided upon shouldn't be tolerated. Answering the call from some for legislative hearings, French has responded by saying an independent investigation is the only way to avoid any appearance of witch hunting.

No matter if you agree or disagree with Hollis French on his public policy positions, one thing is crystal clear about French; he has a passionate respect for the rule of law and can be counted on to ensure any investigative process will do the same.

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