Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Ethics Complaint Filed Against Palin

Sarah Palin Still Unethical - Another Ethics Complaint Filed
From the Associated Press --

A longtime critic of Sarah Palin has filed an ethics complaint alleging past aides of the former Alaska governor misused state resources during her run as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

Andree McLeod filed her complaint Friday with the state attorney general's office. Five other ethics complaints filed by McLeod against Palin or her staff have been dismissed and another is pending.

In the latest grievance, McLeod maintains eight staffers in the former governor's office violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act by using state time, property and resources to benefit the campaign of presidential hopeful John McCain and running mate Palin.

Judy Bockmon, an assistant attorney general and the state's ethics attorney, says ethics complaints being investigated are confidential and she cannot comment on their status or whether they even exist. (Read the complaint, with attached e-mails here)

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What are they hiding?

No matter what you think about Andrée McLeod - and she has stirred up her share of enemies with public records requests of the Palin administration - it is becoming increasingly clear something is grossly amiss.

She submitted her public records request more than a year ago, and the law requires the request be answered in 10 days.

Yet here we are, waiting and waiting and waiting. Instead of providing the information requested, the Palin, and now the Parnell, administrations have requested and received time extension after time extension to respond.

We join those who are asking after the ninth such extension: What are they hiding?

Ms. McLeod says the continued government stalling is “unacceptable and outrageous!” She is being kind. It is government at its worst.

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