Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Independent Investigator called in.


As quickly as the scandal surrounding the firing of former Public Safety Commissioner has engulfed the Palin administration, State Senator Hollis French has emerged as the legislatures go to guy on being the lead to hire a possible independent investigator.

The 49 year old Democrat from a quiet West Anchorage district and former District Attorney who served as a prosecutor from 1996 until 2002 when he was elected to the State Senate, has both the pedigree and the respect to manage any investigation that might occur.

"I'm fairly confident at this point that what we're going to see is the appointment of an independent investigator," said French, who serves as the Senate Judiciary Chairman.

He has also made it clear that politicizing any process that is decided upon shouldn't be tolerated. Answering the call from some for legislative hearings, French has responded by saying an independent investigation is the only way to avoid any appearance of witch hunting.

No matter if you agree or disagree with Hollis French on his public policy positions, one thing is crystal clear about French; he has a passionate respect for the rule of law and can be counted on to ensure any investigative process will do the same.

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