Thursday, August 7, 2008

She's transparent alright, but not too open or honest.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - E-mails from the Palin administration are being withheld from the public and the governor is citing executive privilege.

With subject lines like "Fagan," "Andrew Halcro" and even "Alaska Ear," it makes some wonder how those topics could possibly be policy related; especially since those same e-mails were copied to the governor's husband.

The administration says public employees need to know they can debate openly amongst themselves.

Andree McLeod, who tried repeatedly to get a job with the Palin administration, obtained the e-mails through a public records request.

The Department of Law says the e-mails are privileged. Officials say the private e-mails within the Palin administration won't be released.

"Part of the reason for not releasing e-mail messages is that there is a privileged recognized by the Alaska Supreme Court and courts across the country that is designed to encourage advisers to the governor to be frank and candid," Assistant Attorney General Dave Jones said.

Radio talk show host Dan Fagan is a Palin critic.

He says this isn't about policy. It's about not letting the public see what people in the administration have to say about Palin critics.

"If this is about executive privilege and confidential information then Todd should not be privy to them," Fagan said. "He's a regular citizen he does not get to be co-governor. We did not slash Todd on the ballot box."

Fagan is referring to Todd Palin, the governor's husband who also got copies of many of the e-mails.

Jones says the privilege applies in this case.

"That privilege applies to internal memoranda within state government but also to communications that are solicited from people outside state government," he said. "Sometimes the governor will want to solicit advice from people who are not state employees or federal Of course one of the closest advisers to a governor is likely to be that governor's spouse."

The governor says it's a non-issue.

"I feel like this is kind of a sport right now and that the haters and critics are really jumping," Gov. Palin said. "It's much ado about nothing in my opinion."

Palin says her husband is copied on the e-mails simply to make sure she gets a message.

She says her husband has no interest in being a politician.

"That's my job and that's respected by Todd," Palin said. "He's a great Alaskan whom I can bounce ideas off and he's wonderful. But, no Todd's not running the state."

Palin says that previous governor's spouses were much more involved in politics than her husband has been. Former Gov. Frank Murkowski's spouse, Nancy, was considered a senior adviser and attended all meetings.


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At August 8, 2008 at 5:08 AM , Blogger Ted said...

Regarding Gov Sarah Palin, Joe over at says:

Now that Palin has successfully maneuvered two tremendously difficult bills through the Alaskan legislature, each having to do with energy, she truly has stature on the entire energy issue, and has stature as a governor who can get things done in a political world where stalemate usually rules the day.

I now agree that McCain should make his move.

Imagine the ads...

1. "She is a young woman who ran against the Republican establishment, and has effectively moved Alaksa in the direction of reform, against all odds.

Don't just hope for change, VOTE FOR IT. McCain/Palin 2008."

2. "She is a governor who in 2 years of office passed a law that had been lanquishing for years; a law that will allow for the flow of natural gas resources from the great state of Alaska to the midwest, into energy hungry areas. Against all odds.

Don't just hope for change, VOTE FOR IT. McCain/Palin, 2008."

3. "She is a governor who insisted her state legistlature stay in session until a true energy plan could be put into place offering real and immediate relief to Alaska's citizens during this difficult energy crunch.

Don't just hope for change, VOTE FOR IT. McCain/Palin, 2008."

4. "She is a mother of 5. She is an avid hunter, fisher, one who loves and believes in the importance of the environment for us and for future generations. She also understands that energy resources can and should be tapped in ways that do not threaten our land. She believes it and is doing it.

Don't just hope for change, VOTE FOR IT. McCain/Palin, 2008."

5. John McCain. The Original Maverick. Sarah Palin. The New Maverick. Together they fought 'A Bridge to Nowhere' and knocked the establishment on its heals. Together, they will reform America.

Don't just hope for change, VOTE FOR IT. McCain/Palin, 2008."

Congratulations, Governor Palin. Senator McCain, please make your move.

At August 30, 2008 at 11:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like we need another secret, corrupt politician. She's toast.

At September 17, 2008 at 2:55 PM , Blogger obamacan mama said...

I wonder why Palin is so hot on energy.."drill, baby, drill!" Could is be because as governer she adds 75% to the cost of each barrel of oil before it leaves her state, making a $25 barrel of oil $100 a barrel and the rest of us in the lower 48 pay for at the pump while she issues checks to her electorate and basically assures that she has purchased the next election and her current popularity? OR that oil revenues account for 84% of Alaska's budget? Some of which must conveniently find it's way into her personal offshore accounts! Where there is oil, there is corruption! Someone only needs to find the smoking gun. Read Michael Kinsley's essay in TIME --he's a conservative by the way. Look past the campaign slogans at the issues. How is McCain going to fund these tax cuts for the rich? Well, it's not going to be by reducing pork barrel spending. His tax cuts cost 3.5 TRILLION $$$$ and even if he can eliminate all pork (which he can not and will not) it accounts for a very small portion of what is needed (only 17 billion), so where will the rest come from? Social security & Medicare entitlements, of course... this is his plan! If you really want to know. And don't forget that McCain will continue to spend 10 Billion a MONTH in Iraq while possibly adding Iran and Russia to the mix. Don't listen to the populist speeches, READ the McCain Plan! I am a registered REPUBLICAN myself, but don't want 4 more years of public plunder by the "NEW" republican party, NOT my Republican party. McCain is definitely more of the same. Don't be fooled by Carl Rove politics and Palin Hockey mom jokes --- READ THE PLAN!


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