Friday, August 15, 2008

Palin lying about Bailey's phone call

In a taped interview with Anchorage Daily News Reporter Kyle Hopkins yesterday, Governor Sarah Palin stated unequivocably that Frank Bailey acted completely on his own.

"No one ever directed him to make any calls, he never disclosed he made any calls," Palin said.

This is a lie.

On February 29, an email was sent from Frank Bailey to Ivy Frye just after Bailey's recorded phone call to Alaska State Trooper Rodney Dial.

"Leaving pretty quick for the me though I need to give you a heads up. Spoke to Rodney and he doesn't get that kind of stuff since he's a Lieutenant, but he'd definitely pass it on."

Not only that, but Palin also told Hopkins that "Todd never told Frank Bailey or suggest he take on this mission to call a trooper."

However according to phone logs, Todd Palin called Ivy Frye three times between 1:45pm and 3:50pm on the afternoon of February 28, the day before Bailey's call to Dial.

But there is more. The Palin administration has refused to release over 1100 additional emails citing "Executive privilege" and "Deliberative Process".

According to the privilege log of those emails that weren't released, there are eleven different emails between 7pm on February 28 and 11:41am on February 29 with the subject line "re: PSEA" sent between Ivy Frye, Annette Kreitzer, Sarah Palin, Frank Bailey, Todd Palin and Kris Perry.

Given the fact that Bailey's recorded phone call that was placed around 9:30am on Feb 29 and was prefaced about the PSEA (Public Safety Employees Association); who wants to bet the reason Palin doesn't want to release these emails is because they have to do with Wooten?

I have attached both the email and the phone log which were released as part of an unrelated information request.

To hear Governor's Palin's interview with Kyle Hopkins:

To see the privilage log of emails that haven't been released:

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At September 4, 2008 at 9:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basics about "Trooper Gate"

1.) Monegan stated in an interview last Saturday that he believed that if the entire reason he was not fired was because he refused to fire Wooten, it was a significant part of it.

2.) Monegan stepped down under the administration of Mayor Mark Begich because he had been considering retiring but Begich needed a commitment for him to stay on through his next term to implement his public safety agenda. When this story broke, Begich put out a statement saying that he didn't want Monegan to leave and in no way was Monegan fired like he was under Palin.

3.) Wooten was disciplined by the previous commissioner under the previous administration. Remember these complaints were investigated and adjudicated way before Palin was elected. When Monegan took over the reigns as commissoner he was continuosly pressured to take action against Wooten, which he couldn't because the complaints had already been adjudicated and Wooten punished.


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