Friday, August 29, 2008

Google.... Palin Investigated

Alaska investigating governor's office
CNN - 1 hour ago
Sarah Palin's office is being investigated over the firing of her brother-in-law. Republican John McCain introduced Palin in Dayton, Ohio, as his running ...

McCain Running Mate Palin Faces State Investigation (Update1)
Bloomberg - 1 hour ago
French said it ``remains to be seen'' whether the investigation embarrasses Palin. The important issue, he said, will be whether evidence emerges that ties ...

McCain's VP Pick Palin Facing Ethics Investigation
Washington Post, United States - 4 hours ago
Hollis French, a Democrat, told The Wall Street Journal that Palin could face impeachment. After French's comments, Palin ordered the investigation into ...

Palin Ethics Investigation
New York Times, United States - 4 hours ago
The investigation follows on the heels of Mrs. Palin’s abrupt decision in mid-July to dismiss Walt Monegan, her Public Safety Commissioner. ...

McCain’s VP Choice Is Under Ethics Investigation For Abuse Of ...
Think Progress, DC - 6 hours ago

Though Palin says she doesn’t “have anything to hide” and she “didn’t do anything wrong there,” an investigation has found to the contrary.....

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