Thursday, September 11, 2008

Someone tell Sarah...What exactly a VP does!

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At September 12, 2008 at 8:17 AM , Blogger Syrin said...

Good Lord! I cringed through the entire interview.....embarrassed for Palin and for America. Republican should be ashamed! What can you be thinking? Palin could NOT answer one single question head on. She diverted WIDE on every single thing. You could see Charlie Gibson's frustration with her. The answer about the National Guard-- she acted like he had asked something different...BUT the "deer in the headlights " look on her face when he asked her if she agreed with the "Bush Doctrine"....priceless. She had NO CLue what he was talking about. She weaseled out ungracefully and showered him in meaningless words to the point that he finally said, "you've hit me with a blizzard of words." That is how she has managed to be Mayor, Governor and now VP candidate---she smothers you in long run on sentences. When you actually study them you realize she did not answer the question and said absolutely NOTHING. Par for the course. Tomorrow we will see how the McCain team weasels her and her AK adminstration regarding supeonas out of the fine mess she is in now. The lies and cover ups continue. If she "welcomed an investigation" what has changed? The fear of the LIES being revealed BEFORE the election? I think so!

At September 12, 2008 at 8:23 AM , Blogger akblogit said...

Watching Sarah's "staged" interview was a very sickening process. It seemed as though every time she was presented with a question regarding her credentials and experience, she answered by saying she is a "REFORMER". It was almost as if Charlie was pulling a string on her back and a recorded reply of "I am a reformer" would get touted out of her lipstick covered mouth. He never pressed her on exactly what reforms she proposes for the US foreign policy and the US economy, or for that matter any "plan" for any reform. Reform would be great, if only it were a true basis of action with a well coordinated plan, rather than an empty political soundbite. From Sarah's history, I don't see any real reform of government through her actions, abuse and a new crop of corruption is all Sarah has provided. She has demonstrated a clear pattern of making her decisions based on improving her image (with little true altruistic thought about improving the lives of her fellow Alaskans lwt alone AMERICANS). She is stereo sound with no substance.

At September 15, 2008 at 9:50 AM , Blogger Cany said...

I saw this a couple weeks ago when she was first picked.

For the Lower 48, her comment about "...especially for alaska." is troubling.

Hard to believe she understood (until briefed extensively by Bush cronies) that another outside world existed. Seeing Russia land from an Alaskan island is hardly, um, experience.

She is very troubling. I've been posting on her for a couple of weeks.

Keep up the good work you guys! And if you get anymore odd "stop blogging" messages, report them. Do you have caller ID? If not, get it, keep the tapes and everything.


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